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Are You Ready to Fine-Tune Your Life?

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Spinal Flow Technique

Empowered Body - Inspired Mind - Emotional Freedom schedule my session today!

Retreats with Spinal Flow and Sound Healing

Come as you are. . . Leave Empowered, Inspired and Free!

Private Sacred Sound Baths - Colorado

Reach out today to schedule your sound bath for your group!

Sound and Vibration, the Medicine of the Future.

Your Body is Designed the Heal Itself. Sound Bath Benefits

True Self Coaching

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Spinal Flow Technique

There is nothing "wrong" with any of us. Our bodies are designed to hold on to our unresolved issues until we are ready to deal with them. We all have infinite wisdom and intelligence within to heal ourselves.

The stress of the modern lifestyle creates imbalances on every level. Rather then being present and dealing with issues, most people put them to the back of their mind (the spine) which creates blockages and their life force no longer flows freely, thus compromising their health and well-being. Left unattended for days, months or even years, the body will store these issues in the organs, bones and tissues which leads to illness and dis-ease over time.

With Spinal Flow, you can easily move into the parasympathetic state, aka the healing zone and connect with your True Self, the infinite wisdom within. Layer by layer, the blockages are released so you can experience true freedom in body, mind, emotions, and spirit!

Your Spinal Flow session will be enhanced with aromatherapy and sound healing to raise your frequency.

Private or Groups of 2 or 3.


MPS Therapy and Scar Release

MPS (Micro-Current Point Stimulation) Therapy integrates the principles of acupuncture with modern neurology to provide an all-natural, holistic approach to treating the body and mind. This combination produces highly effective results.

The Dolphin NeuroStim is designed to treat chronic and acute soft tissue pain, nerve pain, scars, and adhesions. The concentrated micro-current impulses are applied on trigger, motor, and acupuncture points. This provides quick and effective pain relief for a long list of conditions.

Releasing Scars electrically with the Dolphin NeuroStims can yield powerful results, such as improve mobility, diminish complications. and decrease pain often associated with deep scars. Whether from injury or surgery, scar tissue can be significantly improved and softened. Circulation and digestive function can be greatly improved with MPS Scar/Adhesion Release Therapy. It is our belief the Dolphin Neurostim™ will greatly assist many suffering patients, dramatically improving their quality of life.

AcuMed Medical, LTD

True Self Blueprint - online coaching

I have been learning of different ways to set myself free from past experiences. The teachings help me to learn where I am holding on to old beliefs installed in my core by living in my past. Recognizing the feelings and thoughts that are not who I am today or want to be tomorrow.

Linda challenges you to explore yourself to the depth you are willing and ready to get to with support, caring and believing there is a better you out there to be discovered. Using the heart breathing and Living Oils during sound baths brings the truths of what you have been holding to the surface and unburies your happy, calm and smiles.

I have learned to breathe through busy, hectic moments that used to drag me down into dark, stressed moods. I now have a lighter step and more confidence in my happiness to take on my every day in the light that is my space of being calm and caring to myself and many others around me.

Don C., Woodland Park, CO

Linda is an incredible human with so much knowledge to share., She encouraged me and helped me to live in my power, love myself unconditionally, live with love and light in my heart, live my most authentic self, and keep moving through my continuum loop and not get stuck.

I started this journey with quite a bit of control and balance issues. I was able to identify a past emotional trauma (that was the catalyst of these issues) with love and light in my heart.

Each week, I felt the lesson that Linda so thoughtfully wrote was designed specifically for me. I loved the sacred sound baths she created for us each week, and I enjoyed listening and meditating to them on a daily basis to help me with my growth.

I will continue this sacred sound bath journey every day. Linda is one of the most kind, loving, intuitive, and encouraging women I have had the pleasure of knowing, and she knows how to help a group to find peace and acceptance within their hearts. She helped guide me to identify many of my fears, and she helped guide me to find my strengths. I truly love this selfless woman, and she will always be a part of my tribe.

Patty, Monument, CO

I uncovered so many false beliefs of myself, relationships, myself-worth, abundance, and love relationships. Now, I am empowered to make changes in my life. I see possibilities in every situation.

Learning to see myself as I am, I reconnected with myself embracing my abilities and gifts. Linda has a unique ability to open the passage, helping you to find the root of life issues without making you feel ashamed and she gives you the tools and sound baths.

If you are serious about changing your way of thinking, being stuck in a rut,...old habits and thoughts, this class is well worth your time and effort. I said 'effort,' because you have to put forth the work and honesty to make changes and see changes in your life.

It has been a joy working with Linda and the other clients also very rewarding to see others change and grow. I have done a lot of inner-work previously and read books, but Linda's classes got so much deeper for me. If you want lasting change and to feel good as you shed old thoughts and beliefs, this class will help you change and live authentically with purpose and love.

Starla M., Valley Center, KS

I was initially a bit hesitant to begin the self healing journey with Linda. The craziness of the world was permeating through me, affecting all areas of my life but I felt as if I still would not have the time, or find resolution with doing the journey. After the first sound bath I felt completely validated as I was listening to the singing bowls. As powerful as ever I felt three angels come down, almost appearing human like, and huddled right next to me as they closed their wings upon themselves and laid down, 2 on one side of me and 1 on the other side. As if God was saying ‘you are not in this alone, I have a great purpose for you and my angels will be with you at all times through it all. Be patient, have faith in Me.
In a few weeks I have felt a shift in what I have been focusing on. Instead of the negative and low frequency emotions of worry, anxiety, anger and fear I have been more peaceful, trustful in the Lord our God and more patient. I feel as if acceptance for certain areas of what is going on in this world has trumped anger. I find myself enjoying the moments more consistently again. I find myself remembering to more consistently acknowledge and practice the law of attraction. It’s always a work in progress but I have found God’s love and light guiding me and leading me again, and more so than not living in a state of gratitude each day. And for that… I am extremely grateful for allowing myself to take this journey!

Tina, Colorado Springs, CO

Having this class during a time of worldwide judgement has been incredible. Understanding that we cannot control that of which is outside of us. Working on my own personal health, including mental health during this time has been life changing. Class members have become forever friends and to have this support during unprecedented times has been a true blessing.

On my journey I have realized working on “the self” in a continual lesson. When we take the time to replenish and work on self, we are able to give more to others. This class has really become a retreat for me. A time for me to continue my work, calm myself and release what is not needed. I am so grateful for the sessions.

Receiving the sound baths and being able to reuse them is a gift. The simple tools learned have allowed me to be stronger than I was a year ago. I am able to stand in my power and protect myself from outside judgement and pressures. I am able to move through and not participate in the divisive behaviors this country is exhibiting. I am choosing to live and breathe and therefore share.

Tracy, Victoria, MN

Caleb's Success Story

“The process was insightful, stimulating, challenging at points, but most of all revealing. It moved me to challenge my perspectives and be willing to be open to the idea of changing. Changing beliefs, relationships, patterns of behavior etc. I was reminded that change is the only constant and to live a fruitful life we must welcome change!
As for Linda I learned during that process that she's nothing less than a master facilitator using tools she's developed to guide bravely and seemingly effortlessly. She was more than willing to provide space and support for challenging times and offer insights when appropriate. She's very quick to recognize and identify possible challenges and strengths in people to ultimately help guide them to being more authentic and embracing their highest selves. A true guide to higher consciousness. The work with singing bowls and essential oils feels deep and permanent still!”

Young Living Essential Oils and Products

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Body - Mind - Emotions - Spirit

Upgrade your life, one drop at a time!

"In a single session, I returned to my primordial past. The rememberance of Love as the only truth. I am now able to be present again. "

Tom, Woodland Park, CO

“An amazing experience! So much love, knowledge and sharing. I feel completely restored.”

Kimi, Colorado Springs, CO

“The most relaxing experience possible. It allows one to release all unwanted “stuff” and allows all “Love” to enter one’s mind and come out renewed and refilled with hope, compassion and new life.”

Anonymous, CO

“Wonderful bowls. So peaceful and helpful. Linda has a gift and loves to share it.”

Deb, Woodland Park, CO

“I truly appreciate the sacred healing space. Thank-you!”

Brittany, Florissant, CO

“The sacred sound bath is such a spiritual awakening. Linda does a fantastic job in guiding one through this journey.”

Anonymous, CO

"The guided meditation combined with bowls is an experience I will never forget. Every sound bath is a different experience. I treasure every moment.”

Cyndia, Woodland Park, CO

“This was my first experience with a sacred bowls. It was very relaxing and left me with a deep sense of calm. It was great to be able to be silent with no pressure to speak or entertain. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing a “re-set”.

Amber, Colorado Springs, CO

“This was the most vivid journey I have taken in a very long time. Linda’s voice led me into the Redwood Forest – the Sound so sweet. My heart is full of peace – I can spread my Love.”

Sandy, Guffy, CO


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