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  • Emotional Balance

  • Inner Peace and Harmony
  • Reconnect with Nature

  • Guided Journeys in the Elements of Nature
  • Sacred Sound Baths

  • Energy, Frequency and VIbration
  • Breathe & Heal Yourself

  • Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit
  • Daily Reset

  • "Nutrition for the Nervous System"
  • True Self/Connection

  • Become Your Own Healing Master

Emotional Balance

Inner Peace and Harmony Emotional Balance

Reconnect with Nature

Guided Journeys in the Elements of Nature Nature-Based Journeys

Sacred Sound Baths

Energy, Frequency and VIbration daily reset

Breathe & Heal Yourself

Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit Heal Yourself

Daily Reset

"Nutrition for the Nervous System" daily reset

True Self/Connection

Become Your Own Healing Master Online Courses

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    1111 Divine Timing Series
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    Keep Your VIbes Up: LIVE
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  • Anger: Guided Sound Journey to Let Go
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True Self Journey Testimonials

The process was insightful, stimulating, challenging at points, but most of all revealing. It moved me to challenge my perspectives and be willing to be open to the idea of changing. Changing beliefs, relationships, patterns of behavior etc. I was reminded that change is the only constant and to live a fruitful life we must welcome change!

As for Linda I learned during that process that she's nothing less than a master facilitator using tools she's developed to guide bravely and seemingly effortlessly. She was was more than willing to provide space and support for challenging times and offer insights when appropriate. She's very quick to recognize and identify possible challenges and strengths in people to ultimately help guide them to being more authentic and embracing their highest selves. A true guide to higher consciousness. The work with singing bowls and essential oils feel deep and permanent still!

Caleb Hall, Sedona, AZ

My path to creating an authentic life began in my 20s. I have read so many books, gleaming beautiful concepts and filling my mind with content on self awakening but not intrinsically knowing how to put those concepts into practical day to day practice.

Going through the 90 day journey with Linda showed me how to take those concepts and incorporate them into real living. This is where it is at!

I am grateful I chose to invest in myself with this journey. No matter what life brings me, I know how to restore peace and create joy in my life at any moment. Thank you Linda.

Paula Hein, Grn Mtn Falls, CO

Having this class during a time of worldwide judgement has been incredible. Understanding that we cannot control that of which is outside of us. Working on my own personal health, including mental health during this time has been life changing. Class members have become forever friends and to have this support during unprecedented times has been a true blessing.

On my journey I have realized working on “the self” in a continual lesson. When we take the time to replenish and work on self, we are able to give more to others. This class has really become a retreat for me. A time for me to continue my work, calm myself and release what is not needed. I am so grateful for the sessions.

Receiving the sound baths and being able to reuse them is a gift. The simple tools learned have allowed me to be stronger than I was a year ago. I am able to stand in my power and protect myself from outside judgement and pressures. I am able to move through and not participate in the divisive behaviors this country is exhibiting. I am choosing to live and breathe and therefore share.

Tracy Langheinrich, VIctoria, MN

I am so grateful for having the opportunity to participate and learn from this class. Linda is a wonderful and sensitive guide/teacher. The biggest and most important lesson that I learned was to love myself unconditionally. With opposition, interferences and challenges comes more opportunities to learn and to love. This is a lifestyle change and one that influences me daily. Loving myself and doing things with love, nature walks, camera shots, barefoot in the snow, and good old-fashioned child like fun is very empowering.

My clear intention is to live in the now! Live simply, love more, get outside, be one with the abundance of nature that surrounds me every day and live this amazing life!

I feel as though my heart is open and ready to receive an amazing and wonderful person to love and share similar interests with.

Debbie, Woodland Park, CO

Linda is an incredible human with so much knowledge to share, and she made every class these past 12 weeks such a pleasure to attend. She encouraged me and helped me to live in my power, love myself unconditionally, live with love and light in my heart, live my most authentic self, and keep moving through my continuum loop and not get stuck.

I started this journey 90 days ago with quite a bit of control and balance issues. I was able to identify a past emotional trauma that was the catalyst of these issues, and I felt very safe sharing it with Linda and all of the beautiful, loving women within the class. I was able to move past this emotional trauma with love and light in my heart.

Each week, I felt the lesson that Linda so thoughtfully wrote was designed specifically for me. I loved the sacred sound baths she created for us each week, and I enjoyed listening and meditating to them on a daily basis to help me with my growth.

I will continue this sacred sound bath journey every day. Linda is one of the most kind, loving, intuitive, and encouraging women I have had the pleasure of knowing, and she knows how to help a group to find peace and acceptance within their hearts. She helped guide me to identify many of my fears, and she helped guide me to find my strengths. I truly love this selfless woman, and she will always be a part of my tribe.

Patty, Monument, CO

I have recently completed the 90 day True Self Healing Journey with Linda Kilpela and would love to share my life changing experience.

I learned many tools and practices that are so helpful in my day to day living. The most powerful change however, was being guided to discover the negative trapped emotions and past conditioning that was causing me to live as my ‘not-true self’. I discovered my inner authority and no longer give away my power which has been so liberating. Love and Light!

Lon Rust, Woodland Park, CO

I was initially a bit hesitant to begin the self healing journey with Linda. The craziness of the world was permeating through me, affecting all areas of my life but I felt as if I still would not have the time, or find resolution with doing the journey. Even only a few weeks in I must say that I am so happy I began this journey!

Having two small children, working around a not-so-desirable husband’s work schedule, working full-time myself and taking classes to further my own personal business doesn’t allow ample time to always be present for the journey, but in the time I do have, behind the scenes I find myself working very hard to change my inner peace. My first sacred sound bath was amazing. Without expectation I listened to it after I was finally able to have a moment to myself, and the experience I had is continuing to drive my motivation to truly let go and heal. allow me to explain:

In the last eight months I have felt an overwhelming push from God to heal people through nutrition response testing. Taking a leap of faith I invested everything into this new training and have been helping people to heal. On another note I have struggled greatly with what has been going on with COVID-19 and the lack of peoples' awareness since March.

As much as I have been attempting to keep my vibrational frequency high and being positive through all of the most recent world events I had been struggling. I felt my vibration slowly lowering, feeling like I was being pulled away from my strong relationship with God, not feeling my normal connection. At this tipping point I decided to join the healing journey for 90 days.

After the first sound bath I felt completely validated as I was listening to the singing bowls. As powerful as ever I felt three angels come down, almost appearing human like, and huddled right next to me as they closed their wings upon themselves and laid down, 2 on one side of me and 1 on the other side. As if God was saying ‘you are not in this alone, I have a great purpose for you and my angels will be with you at all times through it all. Be patient, have faith in Me.

In a few weeks I have felt a shift in what I have been focusing on. Instead of the negative and low frequency emotions of worry, anxiety, anger and fear I have been more peaceful, trustful in the Lord our God and more patient. I feel as if acceptance for certain areas of what is going on in this world has trumped anger. I find myself enjoying the moments more consistently again. I find myself remembering to more consistently acknowledge and practice the law of attraction. It’s always a work in progress but I have found God’s love and light guiding me and leading me again, and more so than not living in a state of gratitude each day. And for that… I am extremely grateful for allowing myself to take this journey!

Tina, Colorado Springs, CO

I have been in this class for five weeks now learning of different ways to set myself free from past experiences. The teachings help me to learn where I am holding on to old beliefs installed in my core by living in my past. Recognizing the feelings and thoughts that are not who I am today or want to be tomorrow.

Linda challenges you to explore yourself to the depth you are willing and ready to get to with support, caring and believing there is a better you out there to be discovered. Using the heart breathing and Living Oils during sound baths brings the truths of what you have been holding to the surface and unburies your happy, calm and smiles.

I have learned to breathe through busy, hectic moments that used to drag me down into dark, stressed moods. I now have a lighter step and more confidence in my happiness to take on my every day in the light that is my space of being calm and caring to myself and many others around me.

Don C., Woodland Park, CO

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