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Build inner strength through Breath. Are you ready to enjoy sound health and become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong?

The secret is in your breath. Your life experience is as deep as you breath. Breathing creates harmony between the body, mind, emotions and spirit! Breathing ignites your "inner pharmacy"! 

Negative emotions interrupt the flow of the breath. Rather than allowing your emotions to be in charge of your breathing patterns, you can transform our emotional state by taking charge of your breath. 

Try this right now: Become aware of your breath. Is it deep or shallow? Smooth or choppy? Shallow breathing sends a signal to the brain that all is not well. You are stressed.

Think about a time that you were sad, lonely or feeling blue. Notice your breath. Breath stops on the exhalation when you’re sad, lonely or feeling blue. 

Think about a time that you were angry, frustrated or stressed out. Breath stops on the inhalation when you are angry, frustrated or stressed out.

Enhance your outcomes by applying and inhaling Grade A essential oils before listening to these sound baths. We recommend Young Living Essential Oils. 


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