396 Hz, Root Chakra - Sound Bath Audio

396 Hz, Root Chakra - Sound Bath Audio

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    Bring harmony and balance to your Root Chakra with 396 Hz! Simply put your headphones on, kick back, and relax. Experience the sacred sound of 396 Hz combined with the sacred symphony of several Himalayan singing bowls moving through your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. (7 minute MP3)

    Informative video: https://youtu.be/lvCIKIsbb_I?feature=shared

    Physical Body Connections: spinal column, legs, bones, joints, colon, rectum, immune system, skin

    Time of Day: Your colon and rectum get their main energy in-flow from 5:00-7:00 am. This is the best time of day to build strength into these organs. The other body connections don't have specific times. 

    Location: at the base of spine
    Symbolizes: sense of security, safety and survival
    Color: red
    Musical note: C
    Frequency: 396

    YL essential oils: Valor, Grounding, Harmony, ginger, patchouli, cedarwood, frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh, etc. Apply on location.

    For best results: Be sure to wear good headphones so the sacred sounds hit your inner ear without interference. Listen daily or as needed.

    7 minute MP3 audio