True Self Blueprint: LIVE

True Self Blueprint: LIVE

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    Have you faithfully followed all your gurus, read every self-development book, and taken all the courses, yet still seem to be unable to integrate the lessons to create a life you love? Your mission -- should you choose to accept it -- is to embark on a 90-day journey to craft your True Self Blueprint so you can transform the old programming and live your unique and authentic life!

    90-Day Journey to Craft Your True Self Blueprint: Gain new awareness and insight every week to support your greatest transformation! Expansion made easy! From the moment you join, you'll begin to experience empowerment and inspiration! You'll also have the support of the True Self online community as you journey forward!

    Module 1: Creating a Foundation: Learn 5 practical hands-on “healing tools” to use as you transform your limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions so you can keep your vibes up and experience your greatest transformation as you craft your True Self Blueprint. 

    Module 2: Tune-in and Take-Action: Tune into your inner power and intuition. Become the pilot of your life as you take responsibility, identify interferences, and heal your relationships, past and present. Reveal your ideal lifestyle and journey towards it. 

    Module 3: Empowered by Choice: Unite your head and your heart, find neutrality, release judgement and tune into your true Essence which is Love. Enjoy this higher vantage point as you develop and embody deeper wisdom, compassion, and communication. 

    Module 4: True Self Inspired Living: Align with your authentic and unique True Self. Live inspired as you reveal and integrate greater insights into your lifestyle from your higher consciousness. Manifest through invitation using your new awareness and insight.

    Our next public True Self Blueprint Journey begins on January 18, 2021 and runs for 12 weeks. All classes will be LIVE, recorded and emailed to all students. Being Present in class is always best. But if you can't make it, you'll be able to watch and listen on your own time! Also, stay connected with the True Self online community to stay accountable and enjoy making connections with like-minded people! Are you from the other side of the world or have a day job?! No worries! We can meet most scheduling needs. 

    Keep your vibes up with 24 Custom Sacred Sound Baths! Every week, you'll receive a new 25-minute guided sacred sound journey MP3 recording to listen to after class to integrate the lessons on-the-spot! You'll also receive a 5-minute sacred sound retreat MP3 recording to listen to any time you need a "reset" throughout the week. The combination of Linda's voice guiding you as she plays a combination of 12 Himalayan singing bowls and 8 crystal bowls is extremely powerful and supportive in creating space for your transformation. All you need is a safe, comfortable, and quiet place, a good pair of headphones, a phone or computer, a journal, and a pencil.

    BONUSES to be announced!  

    What is a Sacred Sound Bath? A sacred sound bath journey is like having an appointment with your subconscious mind (that holds the content of your life) to reveal your deeper Truth and to gain insight, purpose and direction for your life going forward. It gets the not-self (who has created the problems) out of the way and creates a space for your True Self to emerge and for more peace and harmony to flow into your life. After the journey is initiated, you simply allow your subconscious mind to lead the way following the threads of spontaneous feelings, thoughts and sensations. The sacred sounds of the bowls will wash over you, creating sacred space and enhancing the outcomes of your transformation! 

    Private Groups: Do you have a group of five or more family, friends or colleagues that are ready to move forward and create a life with more harmony and purpose?!  Become a host/hostess of your own personal tribe and schedule your 90-Day journey and transform together! This includes some fabulous rewards and perks for you, as the “leader”! Contact us today! 

    Your Mentor, Facilitator and Guide is for this journey is Linda Kilpela. Here's a little insight into her world! Be ready for an upbeat adventure as you release the old and transform as you create your authentic True Self Blueprint!


    Adventurous and light-hearted, Linda infuses her life and work with unconditional love and joy. Her love of freedom and compassion for all of humanity creates a fun, yet sacred and safe place for all to feel welcome and to have a sense of belonging. She is honored to hold sacred space as she guides others as they discover the Light and Truth within themselves. It is our birthright to heal ourselves! If you’re ready to take action-steps towards authenticity, she is ready to guide and support you on your journey forward as you break free of your bondage in the fastest way possible. . . with energy, Light, sound and vibration! Aka: Expansion made easy!

    Linda has been a leader in the Healing Arts for over a decade, mentoring, guiding, and empowering her colleagues and clients to let go of their negative conditioned beliefs and patterns, align with their True Selves and live more intentionally. Her passion is to empower others to take responsibility to create their own health and ideal lifestyle. As she mentors and guides people, she seeks to understand their needs, shares insight, knowledge, healing, and tools that they may utilize to achieve their goals. She has a deep knowledge of the connection of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and electrical aspects of the human body which she feels called to share with others.

    She magnifies the results of her clients' experience by amplifying her Healing Arts with the sacred sounds of the ancient Himalayan singing bowls as well as crystal bowls. These quantum journeys are intended to reveal and transform negative emotions, patterns and memories and create a space for peace and harmony to flow in and through a person’s life. Aka: Expansion made easy!

    Linda and her husband, Greg have raised their six kids in a natural lifestyle without the influence of western medicine, with only a few visits to the doctors prior to March 2006 which is when their youngest son was suddenly in the ICU with bacterial pneumonia and RSV. It was during this week, submerged into the old ways of western medicine, that ignited an extreme passion within Linda to take the health and well-being of their family into her own hands. ((Her previous experience working for a ENT surgeon for a few years, prior to their marriage, had opened her eyes to the system-without-solutions if well-being and health is your goal.) Since then, they have enjoyed greater vitality, wellness and expansion. The kids have only been the doctors for required physicals for sports and camps. 

    With a medical and homeopathic background as her foundation, Linda has studied and trained in many healing traditions from around the world including the healing arts of kinesiology, reflexology, vitaflex, myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy, quantum healing, shamanism, and aromatherapy. She is a Quantum Healing Specialist, Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, Healing Touch Practitioner, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, MPS and Scar Release Practitioner, and Registered Yoga Teacher. 

    She founded her first healing center Minnesota in 2008. Moving to sunny Colorado in 2010 and opening Olla Terve Healing Arts in Woodland Park allowed her to expand her outreach to meet and assist more people from all walks of life. Following her spiritual Guidance to close her healing studio in March, 2020 (unaware of the upcoming world-wide crisis) has created time for her greater expansion and outreach: to facilitate sacred sound healing journeys and more classes online, host healing retreats, and events as well as mentor, guide, and facilitate virtual sessions for one-on-one clients. Linda has created over 300 experiential classes that she uses to share her values and lifestyle, empowering her clients and students to take their power back, heal themselves, and align with self-care (and let go of their dependence on healthcare), so they can create the life they love and live with intention and purpose!


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