Bridge the Gap Class - Video and Sound Bath Audio

Bridge the Gap Class - Video and Sound Bath Audio

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    Bridge the Gap! The Sky is NOT the limit. Your beliefs are. In this class, you'll bring a negative belief to mind that you’d like to work on. You'll discover the emotional tone of your belief and whether it's above or below the line for sound health. 

    Spiritualize Your Belief with Sound, Vibration, and Visualization with your sacred sound bath audio! Claim your complementary "Bridge the Gap" sound bath at checkout with the discount code: Bridge

    The musical notes you'll experience are to bring your heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras into balance. Enjoy! 

    639 Hz – Love, Connection, Relationships
    741 Hz – Truth, Expression, Solutions
    852 Hz – Intuition, Clarity, Spiritual Order
    963 Hz – Awaken, Divine Connection

    You may also enjoy the other two classes to Bust through Beliefs: 1. Is it Really True? and 2. Ain't Got No Time! 

    Ready to go all-in and Fine-Tune Your Life?! Join us today!