Emotional Clearing Class - Video and Sound Bath Audio

Emotional Clearing Class - Video and Sound Bath Audio

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    We all need Emotional Clearing so we can stay in the present moment. Our bodies carry the blueprint of our entire life story. Everything that we don't process through love remains in the body until they are resolved. Oftentimes, negative emotions, stress and trauma may be a catalyst for addictions of all sorts: drugs, alcohol, shopping, gossiping, etc. Left unchecked, these negative vibes may lead to issues-in-your-tissues, aka dis-ease. 

    In this class, you'll learn more about frequency: The frequency of your body, emotions, essential oils, etc. You also have the opportunity to release an emotional pattern using essential oils following a concept Dr. Corrine Allen (founder of the Brain Camp) shared several years ago using the Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils book by Carolyn Mein, DC.

    You'll need some Grade A essential oils to use in class. Both of these doctors and I personally use Young Living Essential Oils due to the high vibration and integrity of the oils. Recommended oils for this class are YL: Lavender, Frankincense, and Stress Away or Idaho Blue Spruce. 

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