Heart Number: Sacred Sound Journey

Heart Number: Sacred Sound Journey

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    25 minute MP3 Recording

    The HEART NUMBER Sacred Sound Bath Journey was created to assist you as you embody the information of your HEART NUMBER BLUEPRINT. Once your sacred sound journey is initiated, all you need to do is relax and allow your subconscious mind to lead the way following the threads of spontaneous feelings, thoughts and sensations. The sacred sounds of the bowls will wash over you, raise your vibration, and enhance the potential for you to readily implement your HEART NUMBER energy. 

    DO YOU KNOW YOUR HEART NUMBER BLUEPRINT? You need this information to utilize this sound bath to it's potential. Look under the CLASSES tab for the HEART NUMBER BLUEPRINT and purchase it. This sound bath is FREE with the purchase of the HEART NUMBER BLUEPRINT course! Go through the check out process and it will pop-up as FREE if you've purchased the course. 

    Your HEART NUMBER BLUEPRINT is the foundation for your inspiration and motivation in life. Enjoy the next level of "following your heart" as you connect with the feelings in your heart and create your life based on your gifts! Connect with the sacred energy in your heart, embrace your truth, and create your life based on your HEART NUMBER BLUEPRINT!

    Preparation: You'll need a good set of headphones/earbuds, a computer or phone to play the recording on, and a comfortable place to relax.  You may want to have paper and something to write with in the event that you come out of your sacred journey space with some insight to write down.