Hooked on a Feeling Class - Video and Sound Bath Audio

Hooked on a Feeling Class - Video and Sound Bath Audio

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    Hooked on a Feeling?! “I can't stop this feeling deep inside of me. . . I'm hooked on a feeling.I'm high on believing. . ." Blue Swede.

    There is a difference between feelings and emotions. Feelings are experienced consciously. Emotions are the stories we create around a feeling about what happened, as opposed to what actually took place. We often dramatize, inflate, and blow them out of proportion. Aka. . . "Potholes" that make our road of life bumpy and uncomfortable. 

    Master Your Emotions in this class. “I can’t help the way I feel.” “You make me feel ___________.” Lies. . . These sayings actually blame someone else for your own thoughts. When you say these words, you become a victim who is easily manipulated and controlled. Take your power back and create NEW stories that actually work well for your life! 

    Integrate what you learn by listening to your complementary "396 Hz" 7-minute sound bath audio daily or as needed. 

    FREE sound bath audio at checkout with code: Hooked