Karma or Emotions Class - Video

Karma or Emotions Class - Video

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    Karma: What goes around, comes around. As you probably know, if you don't deal with your feelings, you'll manifest dis-ease in your body. Emotions below 200 Hz break the body down while emotions over 200 Hz build strength in the body . . Ever wonder why you have these feelings anyway?

    Learn the deeper meaning behind karma, contracts and agreements. They're a Soul-Thing! You are here to learn lessons so your soul can evolve. Karma is an emotionally intense experience which causes a sense of imbalance in the participants. There is no positive or negative in karma as there is no judgment. There is only intensity! Some karmas are enjoyed more, some less. It just is.

    The law of karma is when you have an emotionally intense experience with someone, you will eventually experience that emotionally intense experience from the perspective of the other person. You punch me in the nose: I'll punch you in the nose.