Keep Your VIbes Up: LIVE

Keep Your VIbes Up: LIVE

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    Keep Your VIbes Up! This experiential LIVE class series will help you to find peace inside during these chaotic times. Our goal is to give you the tools and direction to move you through this upcoming season with less stress and anxiety. You will learn ways to tap into your own inner-power, wisdom and find personal freedom!

    You will have your very own “wellness toolbox” filled with several ways to Keep Your VIbes Up! Learn hands-on skills to clear your energy field/aura, balance and cleanse your energy centers/chakras, and breathing techniques to enhance your immunity and transform your emotional state to positivity and possibility!

    Enjoy custom Sacred Sound Bath Retreats (5-10 minutes each) and Sacred Sound Bath Journeys (25 minutes each) to integrate the lessons each week! You'll be able to use these MP3 recordings to support your well-being in the years to come! Sacred Sound Baths are known to be ”Nutrition for the Nervous System” as the sonic sounds activate the self-healing awareness within, puts you into a state of peace and mindfulness and bring sacredness into your lifestyle. It is wonderful to let go of things that no longer serve you. Our guided sacred sound bath journeys create the environment for your greatest transformation!

    Schedule: TBD
    Module 1, Protect Your Energy-field
    Module 2, Balance Your Chakras
    Module 3, Inner-Strength through Breath-work
    Module 4, Keeping Your Vibes Up

    Can't make it? No problem! All modules will be held on Zoom Conference, recorded, and emailed to you after class. Listen and watch when it suits your schedule. Go on a daily Sacred Sound Retreat to stay tuned-in to peace and harmony. Connect with like-minded community and make life-long friends! 

    Directions for Course: You need a safe, comfortable, and quiet place, a good pair of headphones or earbuds, a phone or computer, a journal, and a pencil.

    After you register: You'll receive all the information needed for the course via email which will include Zoom conference and DropBox links needed for this course. 

    Our Gift to you: You'll also receive a Sacred Sound "Reset Retreat" with registration! Make sure you use headphones or earbuds so the sonic sounds of the bowls can travel infinitely through all aspects of your Being. Sit or lie back, relax and enjoy! This will give you a feel for how we incorporate sound into the class.

    Optional upgrade: Enhance your outcomes by using Young Living essential oils and blends when guided to during classes and prior to listening to your sacred sound journeys. Create greater results by becoming an active participant in your journey! Deepen your experience through the utilization of your breath, setting your intention and inhaling the aroma of YL essential oils during class and throughout your life to transform old negative programming and find your true freedom!

    Recommended Young Living Essential Oils to choose from (but not limited to): Stress Away, Idaho Blue Spruce, Transformation, Valor, Joy, Harmony, Surrender, Release, Awaken, Believe, Peace & Calming, Frankincense, White Angelica, One Heart, Journey On, Palo Santo, Into the Future, Acceptance, Xiang Mao, Hope, Forgiveness, Present Time, Shutran, Envision, Inner Child, Freedom, etc. Save with a Kit: Starter Kit (save 24% on all future orders), Feelings Kit, Freedom Collection, or Ancient Oils.

    Order your Young Living essential oils: or ask the person who referred you to this course to assist you. 

    Please feel free to reach out with any questions. 

    We look forward to seeing you in class! 


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