Personal Year: Sacred Sound Journey

Personal Year: Sacred Sound Journey

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    25 minute MP3 Recording

    The PERSONAL YEAR Sacred Sound Bath Journey was created to assist you as you embody the information of your PERSONAL YEAR BLUEPRINT. Once your sacred sound journey is initiated, all you need to do is relax and allow your subconscious mind to lead the way following the threads of spontaneous feelings, thoughts and sensations. The sacred sounds of the bowls will wash over you, raise your vibration, and enhance the potential for you to readily implement your PERSONAL YEAR BLUEPRINT so you may align with where you are today!

    DO YOU KNOW YOUR PERSONAL YEAR BLUEPRINT? You need this information to utilize this sound bath to it's potential. Look under the CLASSES tab for the PERSONAL YEAR BLUEPRINT and purchase it. This sound bath is FREE with the purchase of the PERSONAL YEAR BLUEPRINT course! Go through the check out process and it will pop-up as FREE if you've purchased the course. 

    Your PERSONAL YEAR BLUEPRINT offers insight and inspiration as you create a life that you love! Knowing which PERSONAL YEAR you're in at the moment helps you to Be Present and know where you are, reflect on where you have been, and to know where you're going!

    Knowing your PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER and it’s meaning gives you a sense of where you belong in the scheme of things. It's best to get in the rhythm of your nine-year cycle if you want to make the most of your life. There's much less opposition when you're in the flow! 

    Have you ever wondered why most people fail when it comes to achieving their New Year's resolutions?! The answer is simple: YOUR NEW YEAR BEGINS ON YOUR BIRTHDAY! If your birthday is January 1, then that is the proper day to move into your next cycle. If it's not, you're invited to move into your natural rhythm of the 9-year cycle and begin your year on your next birthday! You will be amazed at how much clarity this will bring to your awareness! 

    Preparation: You'll need a good set of headphones/earbuds, a computer or phone to play the recording on, and a comfortable place to relax.  You may want to have paper and something to write with in the event that you come out of your sacred journey space with some insight to write down. . 

    Embody what you learn by listening to the PERSONAL YEAR Sacred Sound Bath! 

    The PERSONAL YEAR BLUEPRINT course is based on Jean Simpson's book, Hot Numbers.