Wisdom to Manifest: Sacred Sound Retreat

Wisdom to Manifest: Sacred Sound Retreat

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    Wisdom to Manifest Retreat

    5:25 minute MP3 recording: Recording of the same sacred sounds in the Wisdom to Manifest Journey (without voice guidance) designed to be used as a quick "reset". 

    Has your day spun out of control? Take a mini sound retreat and "reset"! Put your headphones on or earbuds in, kick back, close your eyes, and breathe deeply as you listen to the sacred sounds of the combination of singing bowls as they wash over you bringing a sense of peace and harmony throughout your entire Being. 

    Daily Reset: Listen upon waking, before retiring for the night, or any time during the day when you need to clear your mind and reset. Take a break from the outside world for a few minutes. It will be there when you return. 

    Recommended: Listen to your daily reset BEFORE your day spins out of control! Preventative maintenance is the key! 

    A sacred sound bath is like having an appointment with your subconscious mind (that holds the content of your life) to reveal your deeper Truth and to gain insight, purpose and direction for your life going forward. It gets the not-self (who has created the problems) out of the way and creates a space for peace and harmony to flow in your life.