Soul Ages Class - Video

Soul Ages Class - Video

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    What do you mean "Old Soul"? Gain wisdom and understanding about Soul Ages: Infant, Baby, Youth, Mature, and Old so you can live with more clarity and less expectations in your relationships. All relationships are a Soul-Thing! 

    You have experiences that put you in touch with the different parts of your soul. Depending on the circumstances, you will act from older or younger parts of yourself. Older doesn’t mean better.

    Infant Souls are trying to survive while Baby Souls are structured, take orders from others, and create chaos and karma. Youth Souls are competitive and motivated by success, power and status. Emotional balance is found by the Mature Soul aspect that realizes that "There's more to life out there". At this point, the karma is cleaned up and life becomes more intentional and purpose-filled. As you tune into the Old Soul, you gain more spiritual insight. Peace and compassion is the result. 

    Honor all aspects of your Soul as you fine-tune your life and create a blueprint reflective of your authentic and True Self.

    32 minute VIDEO

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    Ready to go all-in and Fine-Tune Your Life?! Experience and enjoy dozens of classes, live trainings, community meetups, and sound bath audios! New classes and content every week - always the same low price! Cancel at any time. 

    Fine-Tune Your Life: