About Us

Olla Terve's founder, Linda has been a leader and teacher of Healing Arts for over a decade, mentoring, guiding and empowering her colleagues and clients to let go of their negative conditioned beliefs and patterns, align with their True Self, and create the life they came here to live. It doesn't matter what walk-of-life you're from as we are all sacred and connected. 

Our online Olla Terve retail store provides a healing opportunity for all who are ready to take the journey forward and break free of bondage in the fastest way possible. . . with Light, sound and vibration! We are designed to heal ourselves as it is our birthright. 

Linda is a Quantum Healing Specialist who creates a sacred space for healing and discovery for you to discover your Truth within. She uses her voice and the sacred sounds of several ancient Himalayan singing bowls to guide you on journeys beyond meditative levels to connect to your subconscious mind (that holds the content of your life) to reveal deeper Truth and to gain insight, purpose and direction for life going forward. Quantum journeys are intended to reveal and transform negative emotions, patterns and memories that cause problems and create a space for peace and harmony to flow into your life. 

After your journey is initiated, your subconscious mind will lead the way following the threads of spontaneous feelings, thoughts, and sensations. The sacred sounds of the bowls will wash over you, cleansing you of past hurts. . . This process leads you into the heart of the matter that is relevant to you in the moment and provides the sacred space for your emotional transformation which will lead to stability on all areas of your life over time.

“Pure sonic sounds of the singing bowls are heard not just by the ear, but by every cell in the body. The emotional and spiritual body is healed first which then reflects in the physical body.” (Power of Sound) The Himalayan singing bowls are made of seven metals which connect your seven energy centers/chakras with the seven heavenly bodies creating a Divine and sacred space for healing energies to transform negative imbalances and reveal your Truth within.

We aim to provide Sacred Sound Bath Journeys for all to experience harmony and peace within. Olla Terve provides quality recordings, experiential class offerings as well as top-rated guidance coaching and customer service.

We are based in Colorado and have been operating for over 10 years and have an amazing support team that is ready to meet your needs going forward offering you life-changing Sacred Sound Bath Journeys and classes to support the changes you'd like to see in your world.

If you have any questions about our offerings, would like to order a personalized sound bath journey unique to your needs, or schedule your private online course for your group, please reach out to us on our “Contact Us” page. Thank-you!

Enjoy your day!