Womb and Chakras - Sound Bath Audio

Womb and Chakras - Sound Bath Audio

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    Doing some "Inner Child" work?! The Womb and Chakras sound bath audio was recorded specifically for this type of deeper healing. Let the sacred sounds of the womb and singing bowls cleanse your body, mind, emotions, and spirit so you may discover greater freedom and live into your fullest expression. Increase your vitality intuition and ignite a new-found courage to Be yourself. 

    For optimal results: Find a safe and sacred place to relax. You may want to do some heart-breathing with your favorite Grade A essential oil before settling into a comfortable position. Wear a pair of good headphones or earbuds so the sounds hit your inner ear without interference. You may even prefer to wear an eye mask to deepen your experience. Have a journal close by to write in after you listen to your 25-minute sound bath audio. 

    Listen daily or as needed.