963 Hz Crown Chakra - Sound Bath Audio

963 Hz Crown Chakra - Sound Bath Audio

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    Bring harmony and balance to your Crown Chakra with 936 Hz in a symphony of sacred sounds of multiple singing bowls. (7 minute MP3)

    Physical Body Connections: Inner and outer beauty, spiritual connection

    Location: top of the head
    Symbolizes: the gateway to spiritual wisdom, clarity, connection with Divine Source of Love and Light, Universal Truth
    Color: violet to white
    Musical note: B
    Frequency: 963

    YL essential oils: 3 Wise Men, angelica, basil, frankincense, lavender, myrrh, spruce, rose, etc. Apply on location. 

    Direction for use: Wear your headphones so the sacred sound hit your inner ear without interference. Listen daily or as needed. 

    7 minute MP3 audio