Wisdom to Manifest: Sacred Sound Journey

Wisdom to Manifest: Sacred Sound Journey

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    Wisdom to Manifest: Sacred Sound Journey

    25 minute MP3 recording

    Welcome to your journey of deeper wisdom to manifest that which you came here to earth to do. Enjoy the sacred sounds and guidance through a divine experience of your infinite flow of energy and Inner Power. Sense the Light and wisdom within you expanding as you relax more and more. . .

    Sense the infinite continuum of Divine energy and power flowing like a figure eight connecting you to the heavens and the earth. Feel the steady flow of radiant light through your entire being: body, mind, emotions, and spirit and notice the expansion . . .

    As you connect deeper with the infinite flow of energy and wisdom to manifest, feel your heart opening to accept that which is ready to express through you in the physical world in forms of wealth success. . .


    Instructions for Your Guided Sacred Sound Bath Journey

    Find a comfortable and quiet place to relax. Use a good set of headphones or earbuds when listening to this recording on your phone or computer for best results. You may want to have a journal and a pencil to write with after your journey. It's very common to have clarity and insights. 

    Listen to your journey before going to bed or any time during the day when you have time to relax and take a break. 

    Create greater results by becoming an active participant in your journey! Deepen your experience through the utilization of your breath and setting your intention.

    Enhance your outcomes by Heart Breathing a Young Living essential oil blend prior to listening to your journey. (See below.) Embody your Truth by journaling immediately after your journey (while your vibrations are high).

    Need oils? https://www.myyl.com/ollaterve

    New to oils? Book a free Breakthrough Session and we'll help you to discover which oils will support your needs. https://calendly.com/lindakilpela/true-self-blueprint-breakthrough-session